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Survival Skills, Bug Out Location, Low Cost Survival Checklist P1

  [sociallinkz] Well, here is part one of a series that I will be doing that is specifically for a low cost survival checklist. In this […]

Importance of & How to Store Water, Low Cost Survival Checklist P2

[sociallinkz] Yesterday, I discussed the importance of building a skillset and gave some early thoughts of the first couple things you need to do even before […]

Storing Food for Shortage Made Easy, Low Cost Survival Checklist P3

I have written about storing food before, but today is going to be a different look on the same topic.  I was requested by Stephen of […]

Survival & Emergency Shelter & Kit: Low Cost Survival Checklist P4

[sociallinkz] Today is Part Four of a user requested series: Low Cost Survival Checklist.  I will be discussing the use of your home as a survival shelter […]

Electricity & Energy Outage, Backup Power, Genset, living off grid; Low Cost Survival Checklist P5

Today is part 5 of the “Low Cost Survival Checklist” series, and in today’s post I will be discussing the possibility of an electricity or energy […]

Home & Personal Security Essentials, Situational Awareness Training: Low Cost Survival Checklist P6

  [sociallinkz] Today is Part six of the  “Low Cost Survival Checklist” series, which was requested by Stephen of TN.  I will be discussing home security essentials, personal security […]

Basic Sanitary Systems, Water Consumption, General Physical Health: Low Cost Survival Checklist P7

[sociallinkz] Today, in part 7 of the “Low Cost Survival Checklist”, which is a community requested post, I discuss basic sanitary and health systems that need […]

Surviving Natural and Economic Disasters: Low Cost Survival Checklist

[sociallinkz] To wrap up and round out the “Low Cost Survival Checklist” community requested series, I will be briefly discussing why you should prepare and give […]

Global Economic Collapse, 2008 Financial Crisis, Great Depression Effects: Largest Natural & Human Disasters P3

Today is part 3 of the “Largest Natural & Human Disasters” series that I was asked to do. I will discuss my insights and opinions on […]