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My Passions and Addictions

I’ve been passionate about outdoor hobbies my whole life. Life is boring without them. But when it comes to the learning, collections, research, and the development of new skills that come with new adventures, I guess they will stick with me all my life. Reading and writing decompresses me at the end of a long day, and is a daily adventure in someone’s story.

I used to think that I was born to be a singer and a dancer. Unfortunately, not everyone around me thinks the same. I’m a certified fan of Shakira and I won’t ever forget the day that I stood on a table and belted out a tune from the top of my lungs. I guess I sent everyone home that day. (Well, I don’t care! lol)

Her songs allow me to detach myself from the world.

I’m an SEO specialist and most of my day requires me to sit in front of my computer. I’m busy most of the time but I feel good whenever I hear the beat. (Makes me want to dance and have fun from time to time). I even plan to watch her concert in the near future.  You better believe that I’ll have thousands of pictures and lots of reasons to smile.

Balancing Work and Hobby

Whenever I get the chance to set my foot outside, I definitely become a vagabond! Mountain hiking, beach hopping, camping with friends, drinking coffee beside a bonfire, I make sure to experience each of these things at least once a year.

It makes me feel renewed and refreshed, especially if I am with the right people. In these moments, I feel like a totally different person. I may be a photographer, then I could be a writer, or become the subject of the photo or story! It’s feels like art and leisure rolled into one!

Making Time for Myself

Now that I have my little adorable kid, I make it a point to have time for my hobbies. I won’t give up the things that can fill my mind with joy and can make my life better.

I still love to see new things, places and meet new people. I want to capture good memories, not only with my family, but with other good, adventurous, people out there. It’s fun to keep myself busy with stuff that makes me happy and content! Although some of my hobbies come and go over the years, I love the idea of always having a “current passion”.

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