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My Passions and Addictions

I remember the very first time I ever went mountain biking. A friend gave me a 10 year old Walmart Mongoose bike for free.

True, this is an absolutely horrible bike for a true mountain biker, and It lasted me less than a month before it ate the derailleur within the spokes of the rear wheel, but I was absolutely hooked on the sport of Mountain Biking!

Ken riding mountain bike on public trails
I bought a $250 upgraded, bells and whistles, Mongoose bike from Walmart again. This one lasted me two trips out on a trail before the bearings went out in the wheels. Once I began my quest into REAL mountain bikes, riding became a passion… and addiction.

Add this to the fact that I love to hike to places less traveled by others, climb shit that seems impossible, and getting my children out with geocaching, I make the argument I BELONG outside.

Ken Jensen of Achieving Adventure looking out from Mt Evans

I like learning and practicing wilderness survival skills that could help me when stuck in the wild as well as basic first aid.

I love the other sports, but I live to ride! I dream about it when I am working as an Industrial Electrician and Project Manager. I think about it when I am lifting weights in the gym (keeps me fit and looking great).

All I need is a trail, a taco, and a beer, and I will be eternally happy.

Ken Jensen of Achieving Adventure sitting on rock

Business from a Hobbie

Everything I do revolves around being outdoors, and I want others to experience it, so I started Achieving Adventure to:

  1. Share my love of the wilderness with you
  2. Help pay for my hobbies and trips
  3. Help you enjoy the same awesome stuff I enjoy.

Everything on this site, and the badass opportunities that I provide you, is centered on my professional desire to make your life more enjoyable by bringing beauty, adventure, and thrills to you directly.

View Looking Out from 14000 feet

Because of this, I have become a tour guide, writer, designer, photographer, and the owner here at, where awesome people mixed with beautiful wilderness results in kick-ass adventures!

You Can Enjoy what I Enjoy

I don’t care if you are a 13% body fat, super athlete, or if you haven’t gotten off the couch in 2 months. I want to help you enjoy what I also enjoy.
I provide information and emails regularly to provide you with the knowledge needed to enjoy the outdoors. Use it freely and take your time, introducing yourself to the outdoors little-by-little. Take baby steps.

When you are ready, I can hike, run, ride, rock-climb, or geocache with you to provide friendly advice, safety, photo/video opportunities, and fun!

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