Clever Survivalist

February 15, 2013

How To: Navigate Using a Compass and Map

[sociallinkz] Today’s post is not a written post, but it is a video.  When I wrote about finding north without a compass, I said that I […]
February 14, 2013

Clever Survivalist Mindset: Wilderness Skills Knowledge

[sociallinkz] Ask any wilderness survival expert (of which, I AM NOT)and they will tell you that the main factor determining who will survive when in the wilderness, […]
February 13, 2013

The Best Bugout Location ( BOL ) Development Ideas

[sociallinkz]   Guys, I just want to toss around a few ideas about BUG OUT LOCATIONS.  This post isn’t going to be a list of requirements, […]
February 12, 2013

Emergency Vehicle Preparations: Bug Out Vehicle Equipment

Everyone talks about “bugging-out”, and almost every time, they talk about their bug out bags (BOB).  All of the knowledgeable people in the survival field tell […]