A Cheap Tactical Flashlight to Put in Your Gear

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For power outages, one of the things that I recommend you do it purchase some cheap flashlights.

I suggest keeping them all over your house in multiple locations in every room. I also like tactical flashlights with strobe features for blinding burglars.

I found the Cree 7 Watt, 300 Lumen Tactical Flashlight and it was great for both of these applications.

  • It is great for placing all over the home because it is usually around $3-5 and is cheap enough to buy a bunch of them.
  • It is great for blinding people because LEDs are already blinding, and with the strobe feature, they do even better.

You should keep a couple in your hiking pack as a backup to your expensive tactical flashlight.

Get It Here

Cree 7w


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tactical flashlight

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