3 Reasons NOT to Tell People You are a Prepper

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August 11, 2017
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August 28, 2017

When you first get into prepping, you will want to tell others about it. Don’t do this right away. The reaction you get will not be good.

You see yourself as someone that is taking responsibility for yourself and your family. You are maturing. This is how you see yourself…

When you tell people your well educated and well thought-out plans, this is what they see…

As you mention your preparedness agenda to others, you will get many reactions. Some terrible, and some not-so-bad, but I urge you to keep your info to yourself until you have a solid foundation.

When I first started, I thought everything was a threat and it was my job to get everyone prepared. Neither of those is true.

When you start telling people you only accomplish the following items:

  1. They think you are nuts now
  2. They know who to come to when times get tough
  3. You will have to defend every single thing that you believe, when you may not be ready to yet.

So, for now, just learn more info. Place that info into action. Take control of your life.

Leave others out of it unless you have been preparing for 2 or more years.

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