Altoids Tin Survival Kit is a Perfect Every Day Carry Addition

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altoids tin kit

Altoids Tins are great for pocket survival kits that you can keep small basic items in. If you purchase a survival tin, it will cost you about 4 or 5 bucks, but Altoids come in the same tin for about $1.50 per container… AND YOU GET THE MINTS AS WELL!!!

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Below is an example of all the cool crap that you can fit in an Altoids Tin!


Everything You Need to Know to Create Your Own Candy Tin Survival Kit

Cotton Tinder

Matches are of little use without something to act as fuel for the fire. Cotton is a very good source of tinder for starting a fire. Some products offer waterproof, chemically treated, cotton, which burns longer and under harsh conditions.


Being found is ideal, but often when faced with a survival situation you need to take matters into your own hands and get out. To do this you will definitely need a compass. A compass will also help prevent you from getting lost as you explore the area for resources such as water and food.

Can Opener

A can opener is a great thing to have, especially if you have some canned food laying around, but if not it is still useful. The flat body of this can opener allows for it to be used as a screw driver as well as a prying tool in addition to just opening cans.

Assortment of Bandages

Bandages are a great thing to have. In the wilderness, even a small cut is at risk for infection. It is essential to keep any wounds clean and covered. It is also wise to always have some butterfly closures, which can hold a wound closed to prevent infection.

Needle and Thread

The ability to sew gives you a great advantage when in a survival situation. You can repair things and even perform emergency stitches if injured.

Compact Rescue Whistle

A whistle allows for you to be heard from over a mile away and without exhaustion from yelling. Many whistles come with a lanyard hole, making it easy to carry them with you at all times.

Safety Pins (4)

Safety pins are very versatile and can be used hundreds of times before they begin to wear. A few of these will help you with anything from improvised clothing to improvised fish hooks.


A good knife is essential to survival. Knives can not only be used to cut things, they are also great improvisation tools which can, if need be, pry, hammer and perform many other functions. A small and strong knife is important especially in a kit this small. If possible, get a lock back knife, it offers the strongest locking mechanism.

Waterproof Matches and Striker (15 Matches)

Fire is the most important element to survival. Without fire, you will not survive. Waterproof matches are great because they light when wet, so even in a downpour, you can get a fire going.

Duct Tape (3 meters)

Duct tape is the ultimate improvisation tool. And with 3 meters, you will be able to use this duct tape for many things.

Signal Mirror

A signal mirror is an excellent tool to get you noticed by passing planes and boats. A good signal mirror will have a small sight which allows for the user to aim the reflection to signal a specific target. Most mirrors come with instructions which can also be slipped into this survival kit.


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