2 Simple, Commonly Overlooked Storage Needs in Every Bug Out Vehicle (BOV)

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September 26, 2016
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Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) should have enough room to carry every person in your party as well as their gear.  Think of a simple family of 6… two adults and four children.  You will need enough seating for everyone.

Choose a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) that Can Hold Your Family


Do you use two vehicles or one?  For this, I am discussing one vehicle.

Each adult will have a full seat.  Each child will take even more room due to car-seats, but if you don’t use car-seats, you can fit almost two children under 10 in the same area as an adult.  If you are providing car-seats for added safety, you will need a three row SUV or a Mini-Van.  If you plan to pile everyone in, you will still need a full second row that everyone will be completely cramped in.

Choose a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) that Can Hold Your Gear


Now for the gear.  Assuming everyone has a reasonable Bug-Out Bag (BOB), you have pre-stocked your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) with the necessary gear, and you have added belongings from your home as much as possible, then you are going to be carrying A LOT.

You need to hold your gear.  Pack the back full.  Everyone needs to place as much under their seats as possible.  You will also probably be adding a car-top carrier or a trailer in order to hold everything you need for so many people.

Overlooking Storage Could Result in Lost Lives!

If you don’t choose a vehicle that can carry everyone and everything that you need, then you could end up leaving behind vital gear, or even worse, you could risk having to leave someone behind.

Do the responsible thing and choose a vehicle with plenty of room.


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