Military Combat Maneuvers and Tactical Strategy: Force Concentration

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Military Combat Maneuvers and Tactical Strategy: Force Concentration
Military Combat Maneuvers and Tactical Strategy: Force ConcentrationI feel to adequately prepare for anything that comes our way we need to learn Wilderness Survival, Modern Day Survival, Homesteading, and even Military Combat Maneuvers.  Tactical Strategy can be the difference in a hostile situation between survival and demise.
If I want to discuss tactics, it would take a long time, but I will start with one of the most basic general tactics available in combat.
Think of this as something that even a smaller group can do if you out number a rogue band of hostiles in your neighborhood.
The tactical strategy of the day is Force Concentration.
Force Concentration, in general, is concentrating your force to such a degree that it brings such an overwhelming force against a portion of the enemy that the sheer number acts as a force multiplier, in your favor.
If we break it down, we can say, “Overwhelm your enemy, then it is improbable that he can win, even if he has almost every other advantage.”  It isn’t even a linear scale.  Now, obviously, 1 nuclear warhead can out-power 5000 foot soldiers, but that is simply an equation of power.
Lanchester’s Law for combat power states: 
  • The larger FORCE will have the advantage that is the difference of the squares of the two forces.  If group A has 2 units and B has 3, then to calculate the advantage we write this equation:   5.
  • A=10 and B=4 then, 
Lanchester’s Law is not an “end all, ignore the rest” scenario.  You still have to take the other combat criteria into play, but his law has been proven in warfare like air superiority and armed forces in World War II.
Lanchester’s Law was even used in the 1960s by Business Man Nobuo Taoka to attack market share in small geographical areas, and then move along to the next area.  This became a popular practice.
To take the math further, we can say that with all else being equal the factor of superiority will be .  2 tanks vs 1 tank would be 
The effectiveness of damage is also a factor here.  Instead of getting into the equations again, let’s just say… you may have the number advantage, but you need to have the ability to damage the other side as much as they have the ability to damage you.  Rocks vs. Guns doesn’t work too well.  Now for you math junkies, just real quick:     This can be fully reversed.  This looks like 
Ok.  Enough classroom junk.  Let’s look at something easier to understand:
Military Combat Maneuvers and Tactical Strategy: Force Concentration Explanation Areal View

Military Combat Maneuvers and Tactical Strategy: Force Concentration Explanation Areal View

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