Religion, Spirituality, or Spiritual Beliefs in Survival Situations

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Religion, Spirituality, or Spiritual Beliefs in Survival Situations

Religion, Spirituality, or Spiritual Beliefs in Survival Situations


A little bit different flavor today.  Let me warn everyone before hand.  We know that I do not bring my religion or beliefs into the blog very often (or almost never), but I am not ashamed of what I believe.  If you don’t want to hear a philosophical or theological post, then just close it out now and come back tomorrow.

I am going to discuss the role that spirituality or spiritual beliefs has in survival.  Spirituality goes beyond religion.  There are lots of religious people who have little or no spirituality.  I think those that have an actual connection with their spirit do better in a survival situation.

It has been studied and found that spirituality improves the results of cancer patients, and the overall health of their immune systems.  It has also been found that spiritual people generally have feelings of optimism and hope, and generally make decisions that promote healthy behavior.  I know for a fact that I have said that mindset and behavior are extremely key in survival.

Straight out of the Army Survival Handbook:

“It takes much more than the knowledge and skills to build shelters, get food, make fires,
and travel without the aid of standard navigational devices to live successfully through a
survival situation. Some people with little or no survival training have managed to survive
life-threatening circumstances. Some people with survival training have not used their
skills and died. A key ingredient in any survival situation is the mental attitude of the
individual(s) involved. Having survival skills is important; having the will to survive is
essential. Without a desk to survive, acquired skills serve little purpose and invaluable
knowledge goes to waste.
There is a psychology to survival. The soldier in a survival environment faces many
stresses that ultimately impact on his mind. These stresses can produce thoughts and
emotions that, if poorly understood, can transform a confident, well-trained soldier into an
indecisive, ineffective individual with questionable ability to survive.”

Countless studies have shown a resilience of mind and body when one has a deep spiritual connection.  There is a large change in the psychosis of that person.

If you would legitimately consider yourself a flippant person with almost no spirituality, I would implore you to search for something to believe in.

I have personally chosen Christianity, but not as it is commonly believed today.  I do believe many things that are taught in churches today, but I also have some differences.  I am extremely confident in what I believe as well.  I also don’t believe in social Christianity.  That is generally two different groups of people.  Those that say they are of that religion, but have very little actual faith, and those that claim the highest of faith, speak an almost different language full of their own slang, but there is no REAL fruit of what they actually believe.

That was just a small dive into my mind, but the big freaking, gigantic, hairy truth and point of all of this, is that there is a connection that people make with nature, God, and others that cannot really be fully explained.  This connection, many times, is what will allow people to survive.

Also, tied right along this is having something or someone to actually live for.

I hope you have enjoyed the randomness that I have spewed forth for you today!

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