The Permaculture Garden:Plants for You with Hugelkulture

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March 13, 2013
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March 16, 2013

The Permaculture Garden:Plants for You with Hugelkulture

The Permaculture Garden:Plants for You with Hugelkulture

The Permaculture Garden:Plants for You with Hugelkulture



I have explained how to make rich soil, use companion plants, and use the square foot gardening technique.  I am going to build on this by explaining a less common but very inventive way of building a garden bed.  The permaculture garden design is a really cool one.  People that are looking at building forests look at swale design for water retention.  I have already touched on swale design, and will visit it in the future to explain how to make garden variety plants for you with Hugelkulture.

Today I am just visiting the idea, so you get an intro.  If I dig a ditch and bury a bunch of organic material like wood, woodchips, or straw, and cover it back up with the dirt to build a mound, I have created a bed that is going to fertilize itself.  Slowly, over time, as the material decomposes it will add fungal material and such that will work in a symbiotic relationship with the plant roots.  My basic idea is to figure out a way to marry this idea with square foot gardening for max production, and with contour gardening for maximum water retention.

We DO NOT square everything off because our fence runs that way.  I learn the contour of the land by using a level and build these beds accordingly.  I will harvest water, retain water, and will use little to no irrigation because I have a huge water reserve in my ground.  If you want to learn about this, keep reading this blog as I continue to delve into the details of these methods, and the unique features.

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