Firearms Debate: Legally Fight the Statistics of Gun Control

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February 6, 2013
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Firearms Debate: Legally Fight the Statistics of Gun Control

Firearms Debate: Legally Fight the Statistics of Gun Control

Firearms Debate: Legally Fight the Statistics of Gun Control

Firearms Debate: Legally Fight the Statistics of Gun Control

With all of my talk of firearms and ammunition, I guess the natural progression of things would be to protect the firearms that you currently have. So, what do we do to protect our firearms?

Tell, other people about them. What?!  I’m not telling others about my weapons. That is insane!  But is it?

I am not talking about telling the world about them. I am talking about taking your friends and coworkers to shoot your guns. People are afraid of what they don’t understand. How do you get them to understand?  By introducing them to what they don’t understand.

Set aside a day to take them shooting.  Have them meet you at the house, and to ride with you where you just hang out as friends.  Don’t tell them all about the dangers of the gun and all of that stuff, they will figure all of that out soon enough.  Just let them ask questions, and give them honest neutral answers.  You are not trying to indoctrinate them into the NRA, you are trying to have a good time with them.

Firearms Debate: Legally Fight the Statistics of Gun Control

Firearms Debate: Legally Fight the Statistics of Gun Control

When you get there, you can explain to them the safety concerns, show the proper shooting stance, and all of the other shooting techniques and concerns that are important.  Let them see that those gun-toting hillbillies aren’t just a bunch of trigger-happy Jethros.  As you discuss things such as security, you can explain your view on home security.  But DON’T overdo it with all of the talk.  Let him/her have fun.  Also, don’t think that it would be really cool to introduce someone with a large caliber round.  It is better to let them shoot some smaller calibers, like a .22, 9mm, or 4-10.  On later shooting expeditions, you can allow them to be introduced to larger calibers such as .30s, 20 and 12 gauges, and others.

After the shooting, take them out to lunch.  Don’t give your agenda, let them ask the questions.  Ask how they enjoyed it.  Let them speak.  Once lunch is over, the day is not done.  Bring them back to the house and have them learn “hands-on” how to field-clean the firearm.  Explain why it is important to keep firearms clean.  Once all is said and done, don’t mention the shooting any more.  Let them go home with a smile on their faces.  Next time you go shooting, you guys can have the more in-depth belief-based chats about guns.

I personally don’t know anyone that has shot a firearm that didn’t want to go out and buy their own.  Even if they don’t become soon-to-be owners, they will probably have respect for the weapons and their owners.  Once people enjoy shooting, eventually the become owners; once owners, now the attack on the 2nd amendment becomes a personal attack on their property.  Now they have a vested interest.

Petitions and public displays have their part in our governing system, but I can’t help think that the government looks past a lot of those people, because they see them as crazy or loons, no matter how wrong that is.  I think that the real way to fight gun control, is to raise the number of gun enthusiasts or gun owners.  Everything must be voted on, are those voters pro-gun or anti-gun.  Obviously the NRA has its place and is the main organization for gun rights, but I am not encouraging anyone to join or not to.  I am talking about what we can do as individuals to help, instead of complaining about not having a say.


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