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June 13, 2018

Full Suspension vs Hardtail: What’s More Fun?

Full suspension or hardtail, which is better? The answer seems obvious (at least to us). But maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye.
June 12, 2018

Lost & Found – Hidden Treasure in the Lost Sierra

In California’s Northern Sierra Nevada, between Downieville and Sierra City, the area’s mining history contributed to a network of trails that faded away with the Gold Rush.
June 11, 2018

The Journey: A BC Bike Race Film

BC Bike Race, one of the world’s most popular mountain bike stage races, has released their third feature film, The Journey. Check out this video to come along for the ride.
June 11, 2018

ASSOS targets mountain bikers with new XC collection

Heretofore best known for its ultra high-end road cycling kit, Swiss-based technical cycling apparel maker ASSOS is launching an XC line of cycling clothing.
June 11, 2018

Demos galore at Evergreen Mountain Bike Fest

Blessed with dry weather, the annual Evergreen Mountain Bike Fest was showing off some new wrinkles this weekend at Duthie Hill Park east of Seattle.
June 8, 2018

Meet Force of Nature Dr. Rosaly Lopes

Sure, the cone was pyroclastic—a technical term meaning “sometimes spews lava”—but it seemed to be done erupting. So Rosaly Lopes and her advisor proceeded with their fieldwork on Sicily’s temperamental Mount Etna. It was 1981. Twenty-four-year-old Lopes, a graduate student in planetary geology at University College, University of London, and her thesis advisor, Dr. John […]

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June 8, 2018

Video: Our first time bikepacking

For all the time the IFHT Films crew has spent on the trail, they'd never been bikepacking — until now. Did they bite off more than they could chew? Well, yeah. But that's only part of what makes this so funny.
June 7, 2018

Cane Creek Helm 27.5 “Cherry Bomb” limited edition fork

Cane Creek has announced a limited edition “Cherry Bomb” version of its Helm 27.5 fork. The fork takes its name from the red fireworks and sports matte black lowers with a firecracker red metallic gloss crown and graphics.
June 7, 2018

Rare Fireflies Mesmerize Thousands in North Carolina and Tennessee

Synchronous Fireflies

Your standard firefly serves as  a wonderful hallmark of summer in the South, but Western North Carolina and East Tennessee have a corner on two species of fireflies that are downright miraculous. Deep inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP), there’s a species of firefly that synchronizes blinking: All the fireflies flash several times together […]

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