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And we have been planning our trips with extreme detail. We thought, "We are so awesome at this, why the hell aren't we doing this for other people???

So, our answer to that question is, "Why the shit not? LET'S DO IT!" Now you get the benefit of our kick ass adventure planning!
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Tour Guide

Mountain Biker, Climber, Hiker, Thrill Seeker

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Ken is addicted to fitness and mountain biking. He is such a thrill seeker, people are starting to be concerned! He enjoys MTBing, Hiking, Climbing, Geocaching, Orienteering, Weight Lifting, and Wilderness Survival.
"All I need is a trail, a taco, and a beer."


Adventure Concierge

Hiker, Geocacher, Amazing Person

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Gen is amazing and is always putting others first. What other quality do you want in a planner???
"I belong in Colorado."

Stuff We're Good At

Flight times get mixed up causing your flights to be missed. Your lodging isn’t always what you would expect. Storms and Rains happen causing half of your trip to stink.
Terry went on a trip to Los Angeles from Atlanta. He accidentally went to the wrong terminal because he was looking at the wrong ticket and missed his flight. $200 and a full day later, he was on the flight and arrived at LAX Los Angeles.

Already frustrated, he learned that his rental vehicle was taken and he had to travel to the next county to get one from the rental company he used, losing another few hours from his precious time. He also ate fast food on his way to the hotel, instead of enjoying a nice dinner at a good restaurant.

The day Larry was heading back to Atlanta, he thought he was leaving in the afternoon to get back, because he had an email stating such. Checking the website for current times, however, showed him he had 2 hours to make his flight!

He rushed to pack, get to the airport in rough traffic, drop his car off, get through security, and get all the way to his gate. Do you think he missed his flight? No, he didn’t, but it was close!

Bob also took a trip to Los Angeles from Atlanta, the SAME DAY. He easily made it to the correct terminal (we made sure to highlight the terminal a day ahead of time) with time to spare, and had a nice ultimate nacho lunch right beside his gate while waiting 30 minutes to board.

When he arrived at LAX Los Angeles, Bob didn’t even get a rental. He knew that he could easily get a cheap ride from the Airport to his hotel. That night, he had wonderful food at the hotel restaurant (because we recommended it) and had drinks for a couple hours before heading off to bed.

One day, Bob planned to go on a hike, but couldn’t due to a downpour. On our suggestion, he went to a local rock-climbing gym, where he had a blast! He went hiking the next day through an amazing mountain trail.

The next morning, Bob, was ready, packed, and was drinking a Coffee by 7:45 am, and was slightly aggravated that his ride was set to pick him up at 8:00 am. He had to wait 15 minutes in the lobby, but he had WIFI on his phone.

He was on his way back to Atlanta and due to heavy traffic, didn’t think he would make his flight. Fortunately, he knew when to leave to get there in time. He bypassed the long security lines and was, once again, at the terminal before boarding.
You can travel from place to place, or you can ENJOY the travel experience. All the services we can provide you with are not well-kept secrets, and you can do it all yourself.

Don’t waste most of your “vacation” trying to research and figure things out.

You will be fully connected, because you will have our email, on-call telephone where we can receive texts as well, and we can even provide you with facebook messenger access!

Let us research for you, both before and during your trip.

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